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Getting a job and a long-term visa... (Kathmandu)

Hello everyone!!

I have a lot of background with Nepal -- after several trips of several months each, and over two years with the Peace Corps (in RajaRani, near Dhankuta). Ever since my first trip, I've absoutely been in love with the country -- and that has only grown over time, with more time spent there. Nepal is home to me.

With that context, my dream is to find some gig where I can live long-term in country (Kathmandu maybe?), and work doing something "worthwhile" (as opposed to just trying to make lots of $$). However, it seems to be the case that getting a long-term Visa can be a real challenge. Does anybody have any tips on how I might best pull this off (i.e. long-term job in Nepal)?? Obviously getting a position would be contingent on my skills, background, etc., but what I'm asking for are any general tips on how I might approch this.

Thank you for any help you can provide! Namaste!!!

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