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Looking for executive assistant (Kathmandu)

Im looking for a an executive assistant to work for me in setting up a new enterprise in Nepal. You will be paid a salary. You will also have the following characteristics and skills:

1. Have a passport and willing to travel to India, China, Europe, UK.
2. Be of good health.
3. Understand hygiene and grooming requirements. No stinkers!
4. Possess at least one decent business suit or equivalent attire.
5. Speak Nepali, Hindi and English.
6. Read and write Nepali. Read and write English.
7. Can work independently with little or no supervision.
8. Tenacious - you can handle set backs and negative people.
9. You want to learn how to plan, start and grow a multi million dollar business.
10. You are looking for a mentor to teach you entrepreneurship or at least refine your existing skills.
11. You see yourself as a managing director or CEO of a company at some point.
12. Proficient with modern technology - computers, smart phones, microsoft office.
13. You understand the value of punctuality.
14. Work permit or residency status to work in Nepal.
15. Patience, discipline and humility.

1. MBA qualified or have completed at least 2 semesters of such a program.
2. Previous experience running small or medium enterprises.
3. Strong appetite for learning and completing difficult challenges.
4. Reasonably social person.
5. Demonstrable leadership skills.
6. No significant family issues that would interfere with ability to travel or focus on work.
7. Drivers licence.
8. Previous experience in the beverage or fast moving consumer goods manufacturing industry.
9. Willing to spend periods of time in Nepalgunj and Jumla.
10. Willing to operate outside your comfort zone.
11. Understand basic finance and accounting methodologies.

If you think you fit this profile, or most of it. Drop me a line with your CV to Protected content

No covering letters required, nobody reads them they are designed to waste your time. That is the first thing I will teach you - never waste anybodies time, its the most precious commodity in the world.

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