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Agency / Job Questions (Leuven)

Hello everyone! My name is Chris Burgess. I'm currently living in the Walloon Region, in Belgium. I am a US citizen and my 3 month tourist stay ends in 1 month. I am currently living here with my girlfriend and plan to study at a university next September. I need to get a work visa, so I can stay here and also make some money before I start my studies. I have tried many different agencies as well as going door to door to many different businesses. It's just too difficult here, because my French is not good enough. It is essentially 100% French speakers in this city. I started studying French with no knowledge, about 2 months ago. I have progressed rapidly, but I'm nowhere near fluency. I feel it will be much easier to find a job in Brussels, because it is very international. I am obviously a native English speaker and will hopefully be up to conversation speaking in French within a month or two. In the meantime, I need a job that doesn't require too much interaction in French. I don't have a large amount of work experience. I am 22, worked as a sales associate for 1 year, worked in a bakery / cafe for 4 years training others, and served in a steakhouse for 1 year. I have a valid high school diploma, as well as 2 years of community college completed (just short of an AA degree). It would be great if I could get some recommendations on different agencies and possible jobs I could apply for. I only have a month to do this, so I need to move quickly! Please contact me if you have any ideas or help. I understand it would be easier to go home, get the visa and come back, but that option is very pricey and time consuming.

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