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Founded 1 mile away from the Google HQ in Silicon Valley, California; “Original Solutions“ is the Global American Advisory Consulting and Coaching Company. Essentially the company provides fast-track advisory consulting sessions for great challenges and vital goals in the fields of ''Business Management'', ''Professional Development'' and ''Personal Development'', and rapidly helps out “Individuals“ and “Organizations“ innovatively boost up their capacity and skills, and promote their interests at the highest level to achieve their biggest goals in fastest ways.

“Original Solutions“ offers premium quality, eye-opening, pay-as-you-go, flexible and in-person services to “Organizations” in group meetings as well as “Individuals“ in 1-on-1 meetings by hourly, daily, weekly programs. Our clients are Global Fortune Companies, Government Agencies, Business Councils, Institutions as well as individuals such as CEOs, Business Owners, Professors, Public Leaders, Directors, Managers, Producers, Actors, Doctors, Journalists, and Young Professionals.

Towards your expectations and specific goals in one or more than one of our service areas below and upon your choice, even combination of different areas, we develop unique beneficial roadmap and rapidly create specific brand new solutions for your successful results while enabling you to maximize your capabilities and skills, and exponentially accomplish your targets.

We are integral and dedicated to your fastest improvement. We are in possession of approximately 95% customer satisfaction. Our company with innovative and agile tools from Stanford University, focuses on most effective and efficient ways towards customer`s specific goals and interests. We accordingly deliver original key solutions as well as providing creative training programs that are reinforced by hands-on wide-ranging skills, in-depth professional experience, and worldwide network.

From U.S. to U.K., Germany to Japan, Italy to Turkey, Brazil to New Zealand across all Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific and Americas, we serve to our customers worldwide. We never advertise our work for our customers and fully protect customer privacy.

We help our clients make lasting improvements to their performance and realize their great goals. For any assistance, please feel free to contact us.

Original Solutions Team
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