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Chinese for expats soon moving to China (London)

Hi everyone,

As an expat, I know how much time and effort goes in preparing to move abroad. You will most likely have experienced some frustration with finding a place to live, with getting the official documents, and last but not least, with spending a lot of time preparing for the new cultural encounters (In worst case scenario, we call this culture-shock).

For those who are planning to move to China or have just moved there, my company offers Mandarin Chinese language and culture lessons. For those who are moving anywhere else, we offer intercultural communications training during which general intercultural competences can be acquired.

I myself recently graduated from the MA program Intercultural Communications, and I would be happy to answer any questions you might be having about communicating in the intercultural context.

I wish you all a lovely stay; Wherever you are. Wherever you plan on going!

Cheers (as they say in England),

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