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FREE IPhone 5 & £96 Cash Back *** URGENT! (London)

Hi everyone!

After 4 years living in London I have got offered a job in Barcelona. The problem came when I realised that I committed to a 24 months contract with Orange and I only paid 6 months so far. They are asking either to pay the rest of the months in one go or transfer my contract to someone else. My contract includes: unlimited calls to mobile and landline in the UK, 5.000 text messages and 3GB of data Internet. ALL this for £41.00 per month.

Now I only need someone that would be happy to take over my contract, very easy process, we just need to call together Orange and pass the credit check.

Here is the deal: I am giving away my Iphone 5 for FREE. You will only need to commit to 16 months which is actually much better than signing a new 24 months contract and also will give you £96 cash back as a thank you!

Please let know if you are interested as I'm leaving the UK on the 10th September so I will need to leave this sorted as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance! :)


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