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Internet marketing Book celebrates its first birth (London)

It is hard to believe that twelve months has passed since my book was published. It has been a busy year with the book bringing support to many business owners.

Many of those who have purchased the book have written complimentary reviews on Amazon and I have received hundreds of emails from readers directly.

The book has led to speaking events all over the UK and I have now been contracted to speak at the European Union of Association of Translation Companies (EUATC).

If you have not seen the book it can be found at Protected content and is called Internet Marketing: how to get a Website that Works for Your Business.

Whilst in the high street the sales are down on the internet sales have been increasing at 10% per month. Our research has shown that during this time the online high street is booming. Unfortunately most of the shops (Websites) that are there have their shutters down and ‘gone to lunch’ on the door.

The book has been written to direct and guide the business owner on the path to better customer engagement. Easy to read it avoids techno-speak so that the reader does not have to be a technologist to understand the internet processes.

Thank you for allowing me to share this anniversary.


Nigel T Packer

London Forum