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mask making for the soul (London)

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Our ancestors have used masks and the body in ritual, healing and transformation. The manifestation of inner dimensions of experience through mask making take multiple forms ranging from that of warrior to goddess, healer, demon, wounded child, matriarch, totem animal, and others. We are instructed to work with a partner, each making the other’s mask. We are mask maker and we are mask giver. We also learn to dialogue with our mask.

We all wear many masks in daily life. But we are free to choose the one that truly tells our inner truth. In the ‘Working behind the mask’ workshop, we will create together the most authentic of our masks, the deep and true mask, not the outer and superficial mask. Together we will sketch, design, and sculpt our masks, while creating a dialogue with our inner self and listen to them as they tell us forgotten secrets of our own treasures of mystery and owe.

London Forum