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Take my mobile phone contract (London)

I am leaving the UK and need to transfer my mobile phone contract to someone to escape fees.

I am with 3, currently on a Protected content Texter plan (~GBP 35/month) but I can reduce the plan and get it down to ~GBP 20/month (less minutes, text, internet of course).

The contract is for 1 year from now. This is a great way to get a plan without being locked into a two year or paying the high pay-as-you-go tarriffs!

This is perfectly legal and 3 has suggested that I do it. The contract will formally be transferred over at the 3 store.

Note: I am just looking for someone to take the contract/sim card - I intend to keep my phone, although if you really want it... I am happy to sell the phone to you as well (Galaxy S)

Thanks. If you are interested, give me a shout on your new number ; Protected content .

I need to transfer on Monday.

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