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A Comprehensive Guide about Living in Luanda

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  • Kenzo Anzai

    Thanks to InterNations, we found a flat here in Luanda, and a big obstacle to settling in as expats in Angola had been removed.

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Life in Luanda

Healthcare in Luanda

Expats are advised to take out extensive international medical insurance, which can cover the cost of an emergency evacuation to a neighboring country with higher quality facilities; South Africa and Namibia are the best countries in the region for complex medical procedures.

Luanda is the home of most of the health facilities in Angola. However doctors, pharmacists and midwives are scarce in the city and treatments are limited. An increasing number of healthcare workers in Luanda are expats, particularly from North and South America.

There are a few good private clinics in the city, including some 24-hour hospitals with on-call health specialists. The workers in these facilities are mostly fluent English speakers and can easily assist expats from a number of different foreign countries.

Private medical care in Luanda is generally quite expensive and many doctors demand payment in cash up-front, which international medical insurance policies should be able to reimburse. In case of emergencies, the number to call for an ambulance is 112.

Education in Luanda

The education system and quality of schools in Luanda is a primary concern for many expats. There are a number of high quality international schools in this African city which are an excellent choice for foreigners. These schools are all financed by foreign embassies and local Angolan businesses. The cost of tuition is extremely high at these schools, however, many companies which employ workers from overseas will provide an allowance for education. It is essential that expats moving with children check with their employer whether this is included in their contact or not.

The education offered at Angolan international schools is of a high standard. The majority is centrally located in the best parts of the city and follow a British or South African syllabus with an American calendar. Lessons are taught in English, and Angolan law requires that local students as well as foreigners are eligible to apply. Security is a top priority for the international schools of Luanda, and these facilities are completely secure at all times.

Culture and Leisure

One of the most popular attractions to visit in Luanda is the Fortaleza de Sao Miguel. This monumental 16th century fortress has an extensive history and was the main military garrison during Angola’’s colonial past. The exquisitely designed ornate walls of this impressive building make for some breathtaking sightseeing.

Another must-see spot in the city is the National Museum of Slavery. This expansive gallery, built in 1997, serves as a stark reminder of West Africa’’s past and is a firm favorite with history buffs. This museum displays hundreds of fascinating and eye-opening artifacts dating back centuries, including the remains of a 17th century slave ship.

One of Luanda’s natural beauty spots is Kalandula Falls. These waterfalls provide jaw-dropping scenic views, standing at 105 m high and 400 m wide. Foreign visitors come from far and wide to admire these falls, which are especially spectacular during the rainy season of November and January. The landscape of Luanda is one of the city’s biggest draws and expats can enjoy being so close to such wonderful scenery.

Jun 4, 2024, 7:45 PM
46 attendees
Join us for a night of delicious tacos and awesome drinks. This will be out most awesome yet. We will have unlimited tacos and unlimited tequila shots for out group for our delayed Cinco de maio.
Mar 21, 2025, 9:00 PM
58 attendees
Let's crawl around Luandaaaaaa! It's Saint Patrick's weekend and we are having our own Irish fest all around town. Let's bar-hop and drink like the Irish! What is : A pub crawl (sometimes called a

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  • Kenzo Anzai

    Thanks to InterNations, we found a flat here in Luanda, and a big obstacle to settling in as expats in Angola had been removed.

  • Michelle Dykman

    Now I finally know where I find the right supermarkets in Luanda to get some food from home once in a while.

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