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  • Kenzo Anzai

    Thanks to InterNations, we found a flat here in Luanda, and a big obstacle to settling in as expats in Angola had been removed.

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    From Lebanon, living in Luanda
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    From Lebanon, living in Luanda
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    From Lebanon, living in Luanda
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    From Lebanon, living in Luanda
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  • Texas Holdem Players
    13 replies
    Jan 27, 5:23 PM
    Community member

    I am prepared to host this at my place if people are interested. I am suggesting the 8th March. ???

  • life in Luanda, Angola
    2 replies
    Apr 25, 4:20 PM
    Community member

    Correction : you can find some good hotels, not much, but some, yes. All are expensive (at least 250 dollars per night).

  • Looking For SCUBA diving Club
    3 replies
    Jun 29, 11:53 PM
    Community member

    Hi! I realize this post is quite old. I'm in Luanda now and interested to dive. I've been told that Octopus is no longer open. Is there any other options?

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