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Create Online Events and Connect with Your Community

With the many restrictions of staying at home and social distancing comes a lot of creativity! We have all been inspired to come up with new and exciting ways to stay entertained and connected to one another during these difficult times. The willingness of so many to connect online shows us that, even though we may feel isolated, we are not alone. We are all in this together!

As you may know, more and more InterNations Communities are offering events and activities online, which is a fun and convenient way to socialize with new and old friends from the comfort of your own home. So, if you are a member of an InterNations Group, why not add some spice to your at-home routine by attending a virtual event?

Or you can even create an activity yourself! We encourage you to take the lead and organize an event around your particular interest: the latest book you’ve read or the delicious recipe you’ve just tried or even about the latest technology you’ve learned. On a festive note, if there’s a national holiday or other special day you’d like to celebrate, why not invite other group members to join you? There are numerous ways we can all stay connected! For more inspiration, take a look at this article on additional activities you can try.

Get Creative and Share Your Interests!

InterNations Groups are centered around a specific hobby or interest — such as the arts, crafting, or cinema. So, creating an activity is a great opportunity to share your interests or teach a hobby to other global minds. And there you’re bound to meet like-minded people. So, get creative and start hanging out with your fellow members, which is way more fun than just binge-watching Netflix on your own! When you’ve come up with a great idea for your group, make sure to post the virtual event at least a few days in advance to allow enough time for attendees to sign up. Another thing to keep in mind: The Consul(s) of the group may already have an event planned, so consider checking in with them before you post yours to make sure that your events don’t overlap. To get started, take a look at our Activity Guidelines and these top tips on connecting via virtual events.

Set Up a Virtual Get-Together

There are more and more live-streaming events every day — from theater shows to museum tours — which you can watch together or discuss as a group. If you invite other group members for a virtual tour of a museum, for example, or if you share a link to an online concert, don’t miss the chance to get to know one another better! Organize a virtual chat on Zoom, Google Hangout, or another videoconferencing platform afterward to discuss it and share your experiences. For a variety of virtual happenings you can take part in, check out this great article on free online services and stay tuned to what’s going on online.

Bridging Gaps with New Technology

The worldwide surge of cyber creativity helps unite us while stretching our imaginations — even challenging us to test new technologies. One of the positive aspects of this difficult situation is that we are learning and adapting in brilliant new ways. Many of us are using new apps and computer programs to bridge the gaps in our social lives. There are so many incredible organizations that have made their services free or more accessible to the general public. Various memes and social campaigns have also gone viral, such as the famous works of art being re-created on social media — to help get your creative ideas flowing.

So, social distancing or “sheltering in place” doesn’t mean that we can’t continue to make new friends and have a great time together! And, in fact, now is the time, as many of us are feeling isolated and alone, that we need human interaction more than ever. Staying socially active might just be vital to our health and immunity; it’s certainly beneficial for one’s mental health.

Together we can keep our global community safe and entertained! From networking events to book discussions, let’s continue to enjoy the international experience.

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