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Activity Guidelines

InterNations is a community of trust, dedicated to current, former and future expats worldwide.
Our Guidelines ensure a respectful conduct in our community and the high quality of information provided. This way InterNations remains the special place it is.
All the in-person and online get-togethers taking place within an InterNations Community are listed in the Events section. InterNations offers get-togethers where members can socialize in person in two different formats:
  • InterNations Official Events are get-togethers organized for an entire InterNations Community. With the exception of a few special event formats, InterNations Official Events are open to all members and their guests. For more details, please review our Official Event Guidelines.
  • InterNations Activities are get-togethers organized for a smaller group of InterNations members in order to share common interests or hobbies, such as going to a concert together, playing soccer, or dining together in a restaurant.

Content Guidelines

  • Activities should be related to the theme of the respective group's overall theme.
  • Activities must not have a commercial purpose; aggressive self-promotion will not be tolerated.
  • In-person activities are not permitted when they are:
    • linked to the host’s or a relative of the host’s business
    • linked to an organization that the host promotes and/or works for
    • organized and/or promoted by the host through another social network
  • Attendance costs (if applicable) shall under no circumstances serve the financial interests of the member who organizes the InterNations Activity.
  • Duplicate activity posts are not permitted.
  • Activity titles and posts shall not use discriminatory or offensive language.
  • All activity posts, including activity titles, must be in English or provide a sufficient and detailed English translation.
  • The activity cover photo and title shall not disclose the activity’s location or venue name. For cover photos, high-quality images should be used and collages avoided.
  • Activity titles, cover photos, and descriptions should not include “InterNations” or any copyrighted or trademarked terms. Cover photos from third-party sources are not allowed, unless the member posting it holds the copyright or has the explicit consent (from venue owners, for example).
  • Using emojis and writing in all caps should also be avoided.
  • Please note that InterNations Activities are exclusively available to Albatross Members. The only exception to this is when participating in the InterNations Changemakers Groups or with online-only groups.
  • Groups are managed and activities are organized by local Consuls on a purely voluntary basis. InterNations provides the infrastructure for our members to organize activities. The organizers do not represent InterNations as vicarious agents. 
  • It is not encouraged to post a nightlife-themed activity on the same date as an InterNations Official Event. You can keep an eye on the calendar to see what's coming up in your community. If there is an overlap between a nightlife-themed activity and an official event, we reserve the right to review the situation and take whatever action is best for the community.
  • Fundraising activities must align with the group’s theme. All donations must be transferred in full to a registered non-profit organization and be reported to InterNations by the end of the month.

Administration of Activity Posts

  • InterNations reserves the right to remove or alter an activity post should it not adhere to these guidelines or if it is considered unsuitable for the community.
  • InterNations reserves the right to take any action necessary to maintain the quality of our community or against any member who doesn’t follow these guidelines.
  • Information or content from third-party sources is not accepted unless the member posting it holds the copyright or has permission to use it. A link to the content or original source of information should be provided instead with an explanatory comment (see our General Terms and Conditions for further details).
  • In order to maintain high-quality standards, all activity posts are carefully monitored by the Community Engagement Team.

Conduct at InterNations Activities

  • InterNations Activities are open to all Albatross Members. The only exception are those activities open to a limited group of InterNations members, such as those organized by our women-only groups.
  • Participants should be limited to those who have signed up for the activity on the InterNations platform.
  • While we do our best to provide an enjoyable experience for everyone, InterNations assumes no liability for what occurs at an activity posted on InterNations or hosted by Consuls. InterNations does not accept any legal responsibility for damages resulting from the gross negligence of the organizers. Furthermore, neither InterNations nor the organizer of an activity shall assume liability for any loss of personal property, nor shall they be held responsible in the event of financial, physical, or emotional damage.
  • Any member at an InterNations Activity behaving in an inappropriate manner is subject to expulsion from the InterNations community.
  • By accepting an activity invitation, the user acknowledges the right of InterNations to publish any photographs, screenshots, or film footage taken at InterNations Activities on the InterNations website, app, and/or on any platform approved by InterNations. Should the user wish to refuse, the user must clearly express this wish to the photographer or cameraman at the activity. Should the user wish InterNations to remove a photograph already published on the InterNations website, app, or another platform, the user must contact InterNations at
  • Please be open to making everyone feel welcome and to sharing the spirit of connecting global minds.
  • If a member accepts an activity invitation and later cannot attend, the said member should cancel his/her attendance on the InterNations website or app before the activity begins, so that the organizer of the activity has a reliable number of participants to properly plan the activity and make any necessary reservations.
  • To ensure the security, quality, and exclusivity of our online events, InterNations provides premium Zoom accounts to activity organizers. InterNations members are not allowed to share Zoom links with third parties.

InterNations is a private network that provides its members with a platform to interact with one another. Everyone is free to join InterNations and free to choose his or her level of membership. Members of InterNations have agreed to adhere to our General Terms and Conditions and to respect our standards of conduct.

Please behave in a respectful manner towards other InterNations members, the platform of and the InterNations staff.