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Looking for coaches and business trainers (Malmoe)

FreshBiz is an innovative Board Game which gives you the opportunity to run game based, fun and exciting workshops, for the development of entrepreneurship thinking.
Everybody knows we are now living in a very complex business environment, the rules of the game are rapidly changing, and we all need new sets of skills to be successful. Entrepreneurial thinking is needed more than ever in today’s
competitive markets. It is needed by entrepreneurs, business owners and business executives of all levels.
100’s around the world have already participated and benefited from the FreshBiz workshops.
This site is meant for top coaches and facilitator who are interested in learning and implementing new and innovative tools which you can use to help your clients reach great new accomplishments in business and in life.
In this site you will get a glimpse at:
What FreshBiz is all about,
Insight to the workshops & our unique methodology Called Multi Dimensional Entrepreneurial Thinking
What opportunities are here for you!
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