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Detox advice (Manila)

Holistic Healer
Mind Body Energy Detox Specialist
Ayahuasca Retreat Facilitator

Eric is a Mind-Body-Energy Detox Specialist specializing in the facilitation of Spiritual Herb Detox and Healing Ceremonies and Retreats. For 24 years, he has learned and practiced the Shamanic way of life under the different local shamans around the world including South Africa, Nigeria, and Thailand. His wide scientific and research background especially in Chemistry enables him to integrate science to help people in the quest for the Spirit.


Life Detox- a 30-minute free awareness talk to understand the holistic way of life and how it impacts your life.

Altered States of Consciousness- a 2-hour free awareness talk on the mechanics and movement of the altered states of consciousness and its role in the expansion of awareness and raising of consciousness of the society

Spiritual Herb Detox Retreat (with Ayahuasca) - is a 3-day sacred ceremony using the Shaman’s Teacher Plant, Ayahuasca, to expand a person’s awareness of the inner workings of the self that is perceived in an altered state of consciousness. This retreat also awakens the mind to alternative possibilities and realities and heals the spirit in the process.

Vision Quests- are Shamanic guided meditations for people seeking for guidance and truth in their spiritual journey

Life Detox Consultations | Emotional Freedom Technique | Space Clearing | Energy Healing


Hi, I am Eric Roth. As a child, I was sickly and often needed a lot of medical attention. My first experience in alternative methods in healing was in Protected content antibiotics were found to be not working anymore. Acupuncture, Ventosa, Herbal Medicine from Mongolia, Colloidal Silver improved my condition from having recurring bronchitis and low immune system. My curiosity sparked in Protected content I met my first teacher, Sasha Szolohov who made me aware in understanding the holistic viewpoint to healing and rejuvenation. I was introduced to Electric Magnetic Pulse Therapy, Vitamin C Flush and the importance of nutrition to the whole therapy. At the same time, I was introduced to the concept of mind-body mechanics and psychosomatics through Kinesiology in Warsaw.

In Protected content , I was trained in Military school as a Paramedic specializing in Underwater Rescue & Demolition but my interest in the finding alternative solutions to the human condition paved the way for me to train for in Emotional Management through Harmonics (Music & Color Therapy) in London.

I have been exposed to the Shamanism as a teenager but my quantum leap in the Shamanic Way of Life happened in Protected content I met the Shamans called “Juju” men in Nigeria. However, I was infected with a tropical bug which made my lungs weak in Protected content I was in Phuket, Thailand. It was Holistic Healer, Richard Cracknell, who made me experience my first full-on Detox that ran for three months. I also met another Holistic Healer, Philip Snell, who exposed me to alternative diagnostic tools and devices like Pulse Reading, Facial Reading, EMA Reading. He also taught me Emotional Freedom Technique Therapy. These healers became my teachers, and the same time, my friends. I was also exposed to Detox Centers in Atmanjai and Atsumi. This increased not only the level of awareness on how Detox works but my interest and commitment to it as well.

In an effort to be stronger in physique, I started Muay Thai training in Protected content , however, the Universe had other plans -- I met a motorcycle accident in Protected content . This made me undergo two major surgeries that took me six months to recover. With limited mobility and under in a lot of great pain, I was pushed to understand and incorporate the holistic healing way in my life which shaped me to this very day.

In Protected content , I was associated with Beryl Comer and other holistic centers in Dubai. By this time, I was creating holistic protocols for myself ;nevertheless, I wanted to learn more and deepen my understanding. Thus, I embarked on a journey to research more on spirituality and the holistic way of life travelling through Poland, Norway, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Sierra Leone, Togo, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Camaron, South Africa, London, Dubai, Thailand, Philippines, South Pacific, Australia, Singapore, and China.

This journey culminated to the formation of the Aya Philippines movement as I facilitated the First Ayahuasca Retreats in the Philippines and the Life Detox in Protected content .

The Life Detox consultation & healing Protocols is a result of my life-long research and experiences in understanding our being-ness as a systemic unit of mind, body, and energy in an effort to share this knowledge in alleviating the human condition towards a happier, healthier, and wealthier life.

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