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Self Defense Intensive or Arnis and Knife Figthing (Manila)


Learn as real and effective self defense as fast as possible. Or if you have some experience and want to try Arnis, traditional Filipino Martial Arts or a few knife fighting or stick fighting lessons, also now available! To carry a knife is legal here! But do not carry one if you dont really know how to use it!

You will learn how and where to strike and kick with hands, elbows, knees and feet. Release from chokes, strangles, hair pulls, wrist grabs, holds and grabs from behind or front. Rape escape tactics, including how to avoid getting pushed to the ground and ground fighting, getting up and away. Defense against knife hold ups. Dealing with multiple attackers. Understanding the criminal's mind set. Awareness and how to be prepared for the worst that can ever happen too you.

We add drills with stress, confusion, disorientation and distraction to simulate reality as much as possible. This is self defense what must work for your life and the life of the people you love. It is not a game. Still, you will have a bit of fun as well. Men and women, Salcedo Village Makati. Course is between 6 and 8 hours depending on class size and your ability to learn. We tailor it to your time, intensive over 2 days or 4 Sundays for example, up to you. Included is free class review whenever you want to.

You will finish the course feeling confident that you can defend yourself. If not, we continue until you do. Protected content

Complete Self Defense Course, Protected content men and Protected content women. Arnis, knife or stick fighting classes Protected content hour

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