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The Seminar You Don't Want to Miss!!! (Manila)


If you had the choice of hiring the former CEO of a well known company, but different industry and a former operative, who later became an instructor in let's say the Navy Seals, CIA or MI6. Who would you choose?

If you were starting a call center company and had the choice between the former CFO of Lufthansa or Jason Bourne :) as your operations manager who would you hire?

The business world is often compared to a battlefield, a high pressure and stressful environment, where tactics, strategy, decision making under constantly changing circumstances must lead to success. This is your chance to see what that really means...

As a former operative in the "Yamam" where he at times completed up to 3 missions per day over a 10 year period, and later became an instructor and strategic mission planner Prof. Itay Gil has been offered high level positions within multinational corporations where he had no whatsoever previous industry experience from.

By the way "Yamam" is a Police special forces unit regarded by many as the best in the world for several reasons. Known as the "silent squad" whose exploits have not been fully revealed and most likely never will be. The first time "Yamam" competed in the unofficial "world championship" for the likes of SWAT, FBI and Special Forces from all over the world they didn't just win, they set the record for the highest score in the history of the tournament. They then won it again the following year. The "Yamam" is a counter terror and hostage rescue unit.

Do you think the CEO of Coca Cola or Heineken would have what it takes to lead and make decisions on that level? Maybe that's why they are among many who have attended Mr. Gils seminars. If you have what it takes to lead on that level, product knowledge and the rest you can learn as you go along. Mr. Gil have featured in the Discovery Channel, Forbes Magazine and worked with law enforcement and security all over the world on a regular basis.

This is the seminar you do not want to miss, October 23, Protected content . Gil will share with you examples of decision making, strategy and leadership that you have never experienced before. You will get a chance to test yourself in a scenario based group exercises, on a whole new level. See what it means to really lead where others follow under the most intense circumstances. It is a full day, lunch, snacks and drinks included, hands on, informative and interactive event.

Certificate of participation by the Hebrew University, on of the top Protected content in the world.

As an internations member, in addition to the early sale tickets available until July 31st. You also get an extra discount of Php 2,000, with a total discount of 7,000 from the original price of 25,000 As an internations member you pay Php 18,000

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