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Looking for short to medium term housing (Mumbai)


My name is Terah Lester. I am coming to Mumbai around July 31st, and am looking for a place to stay. I will be traveling from the US, and have a friend that is coming to India from the Middle East for medical treatment. She will be accompanied by 2 of her family members. We are looking for a good place to stay when we first arrive and might be interested in long-term stay. Does anyone have suggestions on short or medium term housing options in Mumbai or Navi Mumbai?

I have a few questions for any place we would rent....

My friend, who requires medical treatment needs back surgery and can't climb stairs. Are there any stairs into the building or to your apartment? What floor is your apartment on?

And, can you tell me how easy is it to get from the international airport to your house? How much should it cost, and how long should it take?

Also, we will be visiting the Bethany Hospital in Thane and the Apollo Hospital in Navi Mumbai. Can you give me an idea of how far those are from your place and how much a taxi might cost?

Finally, for my visa to India they require a contact person on my application. They suggested the contact person for my lodging would be my contact on my visa. If I rented through you, could I provide your information to them for my contact person?

Thanks again for your assistance. I look forward to talking with you more.


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