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PHP skills (Munich)

We're a startup in Munich closing our first round of finance and looking for a PHP developer to help out. We're all part-time at the moment but will be going full time in a month and getting paid for having fun.

We're looking for someone who can be both a Drupal hacker and PHP or Ruby jockey. Ideally, someone motivated to design, build, and integrate our new mobile location platform with unique ways to visualise your location-stream, friend-stream and communication-stream information. You should have a passion for new technologies and social software. If you are a developer or researcher with an interest in experimenting, designing, developing, and implementing collaborative technology tools—such as open-source on-line platforms and social software to support dynamic research processes—this is the job for you. If you are a Drupal tinkerer or developer, we’d love to meet you.

Some of the skills we're interested in are:

* Ruby on Rails
* Java
* XMPP/Jabber
* Facebook application developemnt

Buddycloud is located in Munich with a London presence too. We have developed a rather unique (and patented) method to fingerprint locations around town and share this with your friends via mobile phone. Your role would be working with our designer to give us a web presence.

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