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Muscat Wellbeing Group

Hello all,
With Andreas and Neziha leaving us and a gap in the group market
I'm looking to find out peoples interest in such a group with a relaxing twist.
There is a Muscat Wellbeing group but it has been inactive for a year.
I could look at picking this up but would like a co consul for assistance.
Now I'm not looking to do boot camps and physical exerting kind of events, rather calm beach walks or trips to ODC, meditation workshops, healthy living healthy cooking classes, retreats away, Pilates and yoga sessions. Joining local events being hosted throughout Muscat.

Now as the summer draws upon us I thought if I could get some interest from practitioners wishing to promote their skills(accredited most suitable), get some ideas from people of events, start planning for everyones return after summer and hopefully find someone likeminded to co-host as running one group as sole consul is enough for me I could do with some help.
Id love some peoples feed back

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