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Part Time/ Weekend Jobs In Muscat

:) Hi,

I am Pawan from New Delhi India, I have job offer from Oman with following terms:
Industry Real Estate Construction
Group: Alkhonji Group, Protected content
Profile Customer Care
Offer Details
Basic: 150
HRA: 80 Deducted if company provides bachelor accomodation
Telephone: 10
Other: 110
Other: company will provide general medical expenses in company approved clinics
Please comment on the above offer and saving which i can make out after meeting out basic expenses, I have non drinking and non smoking habits, pure vegetarian. I donot spend much except basic expenses.
I had one important question of whether Can I work part time on weekend in Muscat? How is the work culture in oman when talked about Muscat and what are the hourly wages, when one works part time.
There is nothing mentioned in the offer letter about part time working.
Please help and suggest what is best in my case.
Thanks & regards
Pawan Sagar

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