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Nathan Reed

Living in Myanmar, from Canada

"The InterNations network has helped my wife and me to find a nanny in Yangon for our children, 2 and 4 years old."

Myra Jennings

Living in Myanmar, from Great Britain

"The information on Yangon made finding an International School for my children much easier than expected."

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Our Expat Community in Myanmar Welcomes You!

Mingalaba, and welcome to our expat community in Myanmar! Our platform has been specifically designed to suit to the needs of expats. So if you are making a move to Myanmar or considering relocating, then look no further than the InterNations expat community!

The online and offline community of expats is always happy to help you in making key decisions before and after moving. You might want to ask questions like “what is the healthcare system like in Myanmar?”, “where can I find the best international schools?”, or “what neighborhoods do you recommend in Mandalay?”. The InterNations expat community in Myanmar is always happy to answer your questions!

We are present not only in Myanmar, but worldwide including numerous countries in Asia & Oceania – for instance our chapter for Expats Japan. You might also consider to stop by at our Australia Expat community during your next travel.

Our Support for Myanmar Expatriates

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Myanmar Expatriates Network

Find and get to know like-minded expatriates residing in Myanmar, their partners and families.

Myanmar Guide for Expats

Myanmar Expat Guide

Expat Forum Myanmar

Obtain trustworthy advice and local insight from fellow members in our Myanmar expat forums.

Myanmar Expat Forum

Myanmar Events for Expatriates

Meet up with expatriates of diverse backgrounds and nationalities at our regular InterNations Events.

Myanmar Expat Events

Embark on Your Life as an Expat in Myanmar

Formerly Burma, Myanmar is an extraordinary country. From its gilded pagodas to the Golden Rock at Mount Kyaiktiyo, Myanmar's ancient history and culture is overwhelming. Re-establishing itself on the tourist trail, Myanmar is made up over 100 different ethnic groups and can feel like a beautiful step back in time. At the same time, its cities are rapidly modernizing the country, from the colonial city of Yangon (formerly Rangoon) to the royal city of Mandalay.

Myanmar has one of the fastest growing economies in the world, following wide political reform and advances in human rights, business and technology. The resource-rich country is seeing an impressive rate of economic revival. Starting a business in Myanmar may be a challenge, but the number of expats working for multinational companies in some of the country's large cities is increasing. The cost of living in Myanmar is low, and next to foreign assignees there are also many expats that move to the country in order to teach English.

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Make Friends and Build Your Expat Network before You Arrive in Myanmar

As an InterNations member, you can interact safely with other like-minded expats online and offline. Every InterNations member has gone through an approval process to ensure that the network is and stays safe and secure. Next to networking online, you can also meet up face-to-face with expats in Myanmar by attending our InterNations Official Events or signing up to one or more of the interest-based groups in Yangon. Simply check out the groups page!

From the relaxing coffee drinkers to the educational arts and culture group, whatever you are interested in there is bound to be other expats available to connect with. And if your specific hobby’s not covered yet, simply start your own group and go on with a thriving social life in Myanmar.

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