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moringa (Panama City)

i am 68 years old in pretty good shape ,, i came to panama 13 years ago in pretty poor health after the stress of 12 hour days and a bad divorce, being able to get out and walk every day taking my herbs and vitamins and eating healthier i lost 30 pounds and 3 inches on my waist. but the greatest thing i ever did for my health was i started eating moringa daily, either green inn salads or dried powder in fruit drinks and mixed with oatmeal. i now raise my own plants and dry the fresh leaves to eat and furnish my family with it , i am producing enough to sell as powder and in capsule but mostly i would like to see people raising their own plants ,, i sell these from 5 dollars to ten dollars each according to the size and volume of plants ,, you owe it to your self to google up moringa if you never have you will be surprised at the health benefit ,, live long and prosper ,, nanu nanu

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