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Wife & Two Children - Lifestyle change (Panama City)

Hi There,

I have tried searching for this on the site, but the results are quite numerous and I have struggled to see the wood for the trees.

I am an accountant working for an investment bank in London, as Finance Manager (looking after financial planning for a €3bn a year business) looking to relocate to a warmer climate for a change of lifestyle. Previous to this I have been financial controller of a real-estate/venture capital firm, and a PR firm. I passed through Panama on a business trip once and thought it had a lot of key positives.

My questions are:
Are there jobs for individuals with my skill set?
How would one go about finding work - and is any company likely to take a chance on a married Englishman with no visa?
Would it help to spend some time there to go visit recruiters face to face?
Has anyone else done this at this stage in their life (i.e. with children)
It does not have to be Panama but it is one location on the hit list.

Bit of background, I am almost 35 and am married with two toddlers. Having been an expat (Guatemala, Indonesia, Brazil) as a child, and a Brazilian wife, we are both very used to the heat, so this is not a problem.

I would be immensely grateful for your responses.

Many thanks

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