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Struggling to stay in Australia (Perth)


My name is Dean Camilleri and I am a Maltese citizen currently residing in Perth here in Australia. I have been in Australia for 10 months now, originally started in Cairns, QL.

I came to Australia with the aim of settling down here and get permanent residency. I planed to achieve this through state sponsorship which is the reason I moved to Perth. Since I've been here unfortunately I got some bad news that in fact I won't be able to get sponsored by the state.

This is a shame because I really want to stay here in Australia and make a life for myself, but the current immigration regulations make that an almost impossible task for someone in my capacity. My only other option at this point is to get sponsorship from a company or offered at least a year of employment so I can sponsor myself. I am a qualified and very experienced laboratory technician but I've been told that its very difficult to get sponsored for lab jobs and I've had so many doors shut in my face. Time and finances are running out fast for me and I will have to leave Australia very soon if I don't find someone willing to give me a chance.


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