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"Cappuccino" coaching offer (Prague)

Hi everyone,

I'm Czech, also an expat for the last 8 years, HR professional and an expat coach.

So I've had some first hand experience with handling a cultural shock, trying to adapt to the different ways of doing things, finding friends and creating at least some local network abroad... Not always easy.

To pay forward and help other expats, I'm currently offering a package of 3 "cappuccino" sessions - coaching sessions for the price of one cappuccino (or other symbolic price that can be paid online, as I currently live in Paris).

The intention is to help you move beyond those blocks that might be weighing you down right now, so that you can finally start enjoying your adventure and feel like it all makes sense again. :)

Prague is a beautiful city to be and there are ways how you can find your place there too. So let me help.

And let me know when you're ready to dive in and have a coach by your side.

All the best in Czech!

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