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Is industry something you like writing about? (Prague)

We are in process of starting An International Portal for Independent Industrial Journalism and I am currently looking for more foreign authors.

So if writing about Indstrial things is something you like and do, or would like to do, please contact me for more information.

It is not a job possition, but paid per an article written!

The portal content will consist exclusively of original authorial articles of approximately 6,500 characters, including spaces.

The mission of the Industry Independent portal is to provide readers with objective information on industry news, related economic, social and legal issues and the current situation in research and development in relation to industry, report on major domestic and international events, and convey professional analyses, studies and comments related to topical issues.

From the beginning, the IndustryIndependent Portal will be divided into two sections: a Czech one and an international one written in English. Therefore, authors and readers of this portal will come from various countries, with emphasis on the countries of central Europe.

Key Topics in Brief
I. Scholarly articles from major industries
II. Reports from industrial production in the Czech Republic with emphasis on small and medium-sized firms, interesting family businesses, etc. (that is those companies that are usually not covered by media)
III. Continuous mapping of the industrial start-up scene
IV. Topics related to basic and applied research, including corporate R&D
V. Monitoring the situation in large companies with a significant impact on world markets
VI. Objective information on the situation in specific markets and individual industry segments
VII. Regular news regarding the development of the German economy and the state of the German industry
VIII. A quarterly overview of available statistics obtained from both domestic and foreign industrial associations
IX. Interviews with well-known personalities of the industry world
X. Interviews with interesting persons that have escaped the attention of media so far
XI. Reports from world fairs and exhibitions
XII. Current development of the labour market and prospects
XIII. Blogs, columns and insights of industry practitioners

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