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Job seeking in Prague - Some Suggestions?

Hi there Czech People of InterNations! :)

I am a guy, tired to don't found a job in Italy, that he decided to get the chance for an employement in the Beautiful Prague. I am here since the end of August and I'm looking for a job Actively. The problem is most of them need Czech Language almost, and I tried alot of websites for job opportunities, like MPSV (Uřad Prace) or without any results.

I have an equivalent Diploma in Tourism Management first of all, and alot of will to work immediately and to learn a new profession (and before my moving I did alot of little jobs during the last three-four years). I know I'm hopeless but is there's some more advices to get started would be nice, especially from Czech people.

It doesn't matter which jobs, I can do anything... If you could give me your hints and suggestions I would be definitelly glad, and why not, offering you a Beer! :)

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