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Montessori Opportunities (San Diego)

Hey everyone! I´m hoping to arrive this summer!

I´m a Zoologist (and a conservationist of endangered species), although I´ve spent many years teaching languages and tour guiding around Latin America...I´ve been looking into courses to become an accredited Montessori teacher and also courses to enable me to work as an assistant, especially in a bilingual (English and Spanish) environment. I´m fluent in Spanish, and also speak good French, Portuguese, Italian and Thai.

I´d absolutely love to do a course that would enable me to work as a teacher or assistant at a Montessori school..

As I´m a British citizen, I don´t know if it will be difficult and time-consuming to get a sponsored (or to get a work permit)...?

Might you have any advice for UK citizens in terms of getting a work permit to work as a Montessori assistant? How long might I expect this process to take? Would I need to be in England to sort out the visa?

Are there many job opportunites for assistants at bilingual Montessori schools in California? I´d love to study and work in San Diego. Any advice you have would be very much appreciated!

Thank you so much and hope to meet you soon! :o)


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