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Artist looking for a room (San Francisco)

Hello guys

it's Giovanni Calabrese, I am an italian artist and producer and I'll get there in San Francisco in november..

I am looking for a room, from the 21/22 of november month-to-month, and I will stay for a 6 months, maybe could be more.
i m going to be there to work on one of my projects that I'm building right now.

I have no special claims, I would like to live in a very dynamic artistic enviroment but it s not very necessary, provided that it is a nice place to stay and not very expensive, because as you know the artist life is very hard.........It's not mean the others are simple, I mean just that the cure for loneliness is very expensive..(title of my exhibition)

I have another italian friend that will travel with me, Giuseppe, and he s looking for a room as well and we dont have any problem to share a room (double room), It might be even better to share the cost of the rent.

we are clean, quiet, non-smoker, and we are really good cooks, we have great fun cooking.....
in one of my show in Norway I wrote : i do not wanna paint anymore, I just wanna cook and eat. ;)

guys i dont know what can i say more right now...i hope to share my thoughts with someone of you.. i love to have a good talks...
Please contact me if you have or know someone interested to share with me or with us....

Thank you
Giovanni & Giuseppe

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