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German IT Engineer, MBA, jobsearch SHA/south China (Shanghai)


After pursuing a personal project in Australia for 2 years, I am currently studying Chinese here in Shanghai and I am now actively looking for a job. I am fluent in German, French and English and I have a beginner’s level in Mandarin. I studied IT at a French-German University and I have a dual degree in IT. I have 20 years+ experience in troubleshooting PCs (soft and hardware, building computer systems, just to give you an example of my engineering skills).

I have an MBA, so I am able to work outside my initial field of experience. I can work in Marketing or in a position requiring more managerial skills, like supervising/coordinating a small team for example. I think I could even work in an HR function evaluating IT people.

In my last job with, I was a Technical Account Manager providing customers, among others, with support for high and low impact events (case management, reporting to a client and hot desk).

I am looking for a position either in IT OR in any other technology related field, that requires for example to work with or to explain complex technological processes. Jobs I would be very interested in: Account Manager (German, French, English), Product Manager, Business Analyst, Technical Manager, Product Quality and testing ...

Based on my background I can say with confidence that I am able to learn quickly and I can therefore work in almost any environment. If you have any serious job offers you think you could refer me to, I would be interested as well. Please let me know if you’d like to see my full CV or simply have a chat.


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