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Looking For Senior Sales Engineer (Shanghai)

Hi I am headhunter.We are looking for Senior Sales Engineer for a Bristish VR tech company which is establishing their Guangzhou office.So the office location will be in GZ.
About the company: A British technology company that focuses on large-scale simulations in the cloud in gaming and entertainment.
It’s a multinational technology company proudly building a diverse workforce, driven by a shared desire to improve and achieve extraordinary things.
Your Mission

To become an expert at every game engine and every programming language used in the industry. You're able to sit down with a veteran Unreal Developer and hold your own when talking about Blueprints vs C++. You can jam with a Unity developer at a hackathon and throw together toolchains for artists in a heartbeat. Building a C++ based distributed pathfinding library in a few days with a AAA studio should sound like a fun challenge. Optimising the UI rendering pipeline for a mobile game to eek out more clock cycles for the network thread should be a walk in the park.

Sample projects could include; two weeks to build a Unity mobile game to demo the mobile SDK to a client, or three weeks to create an Unreal shooter project to then spend one week hosting experienced Unreal developers and helping them implement whatever feature they want, being in every sales call as the technical backup and at every conference to explain what impact their VR Tech will have on a roadmap.
Protected content the full stack of its VR tech platform; from the underlying cloud agnostic infrastructure, all the way through to the Game Engine integrations we ship.
Protected content to people from all backgrounds (technical or otherwise) how their VR tech platform works and why they should use it
Protected content prototypes, demos and showcases quickly and expertly
Protected content professional proficiency in both Mandarin and English
Protected content multiple games titles
Protected content skill in at least one of Unity, Unreal or a large proprietary C++ based engine
Protected content knowledge of a game’s production lifecycle
Protected content working with multiple disciplines
Protected content to learn and pick up new things
Protected content communicator; strong ability for empathy and understanding
• fluent in both chinese and English

If you are interested in this post welcome to leave a comment or add my wechat : sasa_lar to learn more about this job opportunity.Also welcome to send your CV to me if you think this job suits you.My e-mail Protected content

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