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Sosearching Translation Company! Fraud!!! (Shanghai)

Hi. i joined Internations to spread info about this organization in Shanghai, on Guanglan Lu.

Organization is partially engaged in website localization, but this is not guaranteed info, as nobody knows what they do. They hire foreigners for translation work, without any agreement, on illegal basis and promising appraisal and other benefits with no further implementation of them.

No foreign staff is informed with correct details. Chinese staff behaves as bunch of spies.

Manager (HR lady) called Lydia with heavy unknown english accent promises fixed Protected content per month for first two month of probation, after which everything is going to be cool and shining with appraisal, work visa and etc. But hardly one will finish 2 month of notice period as there are only 2 ways: either you will leave the job or they will fire you.
1. You will leave job. You have to translate enormous number of words and texts from 5-year-old-kids-level-english to your native language + the promised salary isnt fixed, its per hour and at the end of the month you will get much less than Protected content there are weekends, holidays and just some days probably which you missed due to sick leave or smth else.
2. They will fire you, when you completed your probation period successfully and you expecting appraisal and other benefits as promised. Its easier to fire you and get somebody else, as there is big flow of foreigners in Shanghai. as simple as this.

Companies name: Shanghai Sosearching Ltd
Their ads all over the chinese and english job related websites.

It's just simple warning for fellow foreigners not to be fooled by them.


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