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Advice needed ||| How to hunt successfully (Stockholm)


Hej all,

I will be in Stockholm until next Wednesday to make some applications and to be on the hunt for a new challenge. Therefore I would be very pleased to take your advice and I hope you will you give me some hints and tips on how to apply the best way.

I already have some interviews, but I also would like to drop in on my own initiative at interesting companies. Is this common in Sweden? Do you think there is any chance of being successful with it?
And as well, is there a dress-code for a job interview? I am working in marketing, so I'd rather prefer to wear a business casual style like suit coat and jeans to a classic suit and tie. Is this possible or not?

Beside all that, do you have any cutting edge information on good headhunters, interesting companies or anything like that?

I'm thankful for any device - thank you all in advance!

Best wishes,

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