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Working Holiday Visa -> Working Permit (Stockholm)

G'day guys!

I have a situation that is a little complicated, and I was wondering if someone has experienced the something similar. But first, some background information.

I am a New Zealand Citizen that came to Sweden on a Working Holiday Visa. I've applied for a Residence Permit, which has been approved, but I am still waiting for it to come through the mail. My initial plan was to do 'Holiday' jobs, but I decided to go apply for professional jobs. Luckily enough, a company has offered me a full-time, permanent contract within Design Engineering.

However, I am not too sure how this will affect my Working Holiday Visa.
From what I found out, getting a Working Permit, Residence Permit, and Personal Number could take at least 3 months, and if I'm being honest, I don't think the company knows about this either because they want me to start in mid-April.
On top of this, I've been told by Migrationsverket that I need to be out of the country while the company begins the process of submitting a Working Permit for me.

So at the moment, I am thinking of using my Residence Permit from the WHV, and the contract they offered me to get a 'Samordningsnummer', or what they call a Coordination Number, just so I can open up a bank account, and find an apartment. That way I can at least begin to work.

However, my two big questions are:
-Is it possible to transfer from a WHV to a Work Permit without going the extremely complicated process?
-Can the company retract its' offer of employment, even though they have emailed me the contract?

I would appreciate any thoughts and opinions.

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