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Job or internship hunting: Designer/Illustrator (Stockholm)

Hello! I’m Filippo Cantoni a Designer based in Stockholm.
I'm looking for a job in Stockholm, in-house, freelance or internship. I've a lot to offer with enthusiasm, my creativity, but also socially.
I’m have excellent skills in hand drawing and I can manage professional Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator / InDesign.
I’ve worked some years like a designer in Italy, mostly in Milan before and after the Design graduation in the Accademy of Fine Arts of Brera of Milan. I'm Also skilled in the entire Design process, from the research to the design, the production and great knowledge in Comunication, Graphics and ADV specially focused on the Fashion system.
I have work experience in designer field with Apparel, Footwear, Accessories for both women and men, but I have also worked with Graphic design and illustrations. My knowledge in Advertisement is also strong working with the making and creative process of coordinate branding for Fashion Brands, Showrooms and Boutiques.

I’m Italian mother tongue but I speak and write English very well.
I appreciate competitiveness and great challenges, but also to work with short deadlines, extra timing and differed teamwork members from different cultures.
I’m really social and motivated for new experiences. I am a positive person and like to inspire people around me.

The decision to move to Stockholm I made because this lifestyle, culture and part of the world really inspires me a lot.

If someone is interested about me, don't exitate to contact me here or inbox!

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