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Native English Speaking Child Care Worker (Tbilisi)

I have a friend, the CEO and co-owner with his wife of a sizable business operating internationally. They are looking for a third nanny, preferably a native English speaker. The other two are a Russian woman and a Ukrainian woman.

Its part-time-ish work, every other week day in the evening plus some time on week ends.

The candidate should like children. There are three: two boys and a girl (triplets) about age 4. In terms of their personalities, the little girl is really super energetic and athletic. One of the boys has the shortest attention span ever and likes a lot of stimulation; the other little boy is a bit more quiet and intellectually curious. He prefers longer activities requiring some concentration.

They all attend some English classes, though this is mixed in with their other various activities. They could likely understand an English nanny, but really their parents would like them to have the opportunity to absorb some English more regularly from a native speaker.

On the plus side, they travel frequently, so I think the work load may not be quite so bad. These people are very decent, so they would be willing to pay a reasonable salary and create an employment contract if the person requires one.