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How to find furnished accommodation? (The Hague)

I'm starting an assignment with my employer in August and moving my husband and two children over to The Hague in two weeks. We will be in serviced accommodation initially but I'm searching on Funda for long term rental properties in advance.
The shippers came yesterday and broke the news to me that my employer will only cover the cost of shipping 15m3 of our belongings which effectively means one sofa, my daughter's cot, toys and clothes! I hadn't realised the allowance would be this small, thinking they would pay for 50m3!
So we have two options; either pay the shipping ourselves or find a furnished property and sell our furniture/put it in storage. Problem is, I don't see any furnished rental properties available on Funda so it seems like this isn't an option after all.
Does anyone know where else I could look? My relocation agent has so far been less than ideal...
Any other advice from seasoned exPats is very much welcomed - we're new to this!

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