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Special booklets and Cross-cultural workshops (The Hague)

Global Connection informs and inspires expats and expat partners, in order to contribute to their mobility and well-being. We represent 80 different nationalities and live in Protected content across the world. They are kept up to date with expat life through magazines, specials, books, email newsletters and an interactive website.

These special booklets on Repatiation, On The Move and Third Culture Kids are now, due to the many requests, available for non members al well! You can order them from the Bookstore on Protected content .

Global Connection organises workshops completely attuned to the needs of the expat partner. The Cycles of Change workshop is a great success and very popular among expat and repat partners. This Global Connection workshop will focus on gaining a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges associated with living abroad and repatriation, how international mobility affects us all, and how cultural differences permeate our every day lives. Read the borchure at Workshops on Protected content .

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