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  • Rajat Bhatnagar

    It is really good to speak and hear Hindi from time to time. With InterNations I got to know compatriots in Athens and Thessaloniki.

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Yasu and welcome to your InterNations Community of expats in Thessaloniki. As a platform specifically created to support expats, by joining InterNations you can connect with other expats in Thessaloniki and around the world. We have also amassed a wealth of online resources to guide you through this sometimes tricky process and give you the best start possible for your new life. Our comprehensive guides, essential advice, and insider tips will answer your questions, such as, "which part of the city would be best for my family?" and give you reassurance that you are part of our global community. If you have concerns or questions about daily life, just visit our forum where our friendly members are always happy to help a fellow expat. We encourage you to build on their experiences and use their first-hand knowledge as you follow in their footsteps to join the expat population of Thessaloniki.

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A New Life in Thessaloniki

Founded over 2,000 years ago in 315 BC, Thessaloniki provides a wealth of historical landmarks, legends, and stories for newcomers to enjoy. Museums and galleries cover different eras in the city's history, while the Thessaloniki Concert Hall hosts opera performances and a number of theaters continue Greece's long dramatic traditions. Thessaloniki's main employment source is the services sector, including healthcare, education, trade, transportation, and communications. As a large free port, the city is a major transportation hub, carrying trade between neighboring countries, and tourism is also a growing industry with Mediterranean cruises making Thessaloniki one of their regular stops.

Our Events in Thessaloniki Are One of the Best Ways to Meet Other Expats

At our regular events for the whole community, expats have the chance to meet, network, socialize, and have fun together in Thessaloniki. We know it can be difficult to make new friends in an unfamiliar setting, so take the opportunity to meet our members in a laid-back environment; you are already invited to come along. Don't forget to also check out our InterNations Groups to find like-minded expats to share your interests with as you explore the city and make new friends. Our members hail from all over the world and you'll soon discover that you, too, are part of our friendly community of fascinating global minds.

  • Rajat Bhatnagar

    It is really good to speak and hear Hindi from time to time. With InterNations I got to know compatriots in Athens and Thessaloniki.

  • Amelie Barreau

    InterNations members are really helpful and provided us with valuable tips about the international schools in Athens.

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