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Do what you love and do it often (Vienna)

After eight years of studies (BA International Relations, MA International law, MA Sustainable Development) I am looking for work in the field of sustainable agriculture

I’m good at:

• Writing and editing
• Analyzing, careful reading, digging through layers of meaning (e.g. literature analysis)
• Making connections, abstract thinking
• Adapting to new cultures and circumstances
• Managing my time and having a disciplined work ethic
Protected content problem solving
• Small groups & one-to-one exchanges
• Plotting/graphing/designing visual representations of abstract ideas/models
Protected content , Spanish and French (the three languages I speak fluently)
• Appreciating, forgiving, empathizing, smiling

I like:

• Investigating and getting deep into a topic
• Getting through a to-do list of varied tasks
• staying active (for example, travelling)
• Providing a flexible, dynamic and supportive assisting role for a project or person
• Envisioning/designing the best way to carry out a project or goal
• Teaching myself from books and other resources I think I might be useful
• Thinking about the best way to explain/teach something to others
• Volunteering, helping others
• Following through on a plan, designing that plan

I have experience (and enjoy!):

• Being entrepreneurial and a go-getter (first grade: selling my drawings in front of my house; high school: making and distributing babysitting business cards in neighborhood mailboxes; college years: knocking on the doors of restaurants in France, creating an academic journal for my university (NYU), sending my resume to every hotel in Spain and then again in France, giving private language lessons)
• Travelling by myself in new places

What I value about a job and work environment:

• People that are kind-hearted, conscientious, open-minded, supportive and have positive attitudes.

My e-mail address: palomalindawhite @
My LinkedIn profile: Protected content

If you have any advice for me do please let me know! I am eternally grateful.
The following are very valuable:
the names of...organizations, NGOs, think tanks, journals, books, specialists, etc. the field of sustainable agriculture.

Looking forward!


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