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Hi, I am Nadia Błaszczyk.

I am currently working for one of Polish Televisions.

We are planning to start a new international TV program (Unfortunately I can't say too much about it) and we are looking for English Native Speaker families who have recently come to Poland or just live here.

The case is that the familiy (or a couple) has to be interested in looking for an apartament to rent. They might have a history of renting or just simply be interested in looking for something new.

If you are a familiy matching this profile or you know people who might be interested in such a project, please send me a message.
We are mainly looking for people who come from the United States, Canada, England or Australia and New Zealand.

I would really appreciate your help.

let me know if you have any information of people who we can contact with, to present the details of the project and answer all the questions.

have a nice day,

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