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  • Ivan Dlouhy

    Since moving to Warsaw, I have been able to make some great friends and attend InterNations events with other expats who understand what it's like to be so far from home.

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Cześć and welcome to your InterNations Community for expats in Wroclaw, a trusted resource specifically created to support expats as they relocate. Your InterNations account gives you access to a wealth of essential information, comprehensive guides, and advice in order to remove those common obstacles you may face when moving to Wroclaw. Use our resources to find answers to your questions such as "which 'osiedles' or districts would be a good place to look for accommodation?" and "how do I apply for a work permit?". Head on over to our forum to find our friendly expats, already living in Wroclaw, who are happy to answer your day-to-day questions and address your concerns. We encourage you to build on their experiences to feel reassured and confident as you follow in their footsteps.

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  • Personal Income Tax in Poland
    2 replies
    Mar 16, 9:02 PM

    Thanks for your explaination, Ernest ! Next question is how if there's 2 PIT-11 source form ? because last year, my company on transition transfer move from 1 company to other company I try fill …

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Shopping, Culture, and the Economy in Wroclaw

Wroclaw has an interesting history and has only been part of Poland since 1945. It is the largest city in western Poland and the European City of Culture in 2016. Indeed, culture lovers will not be disappointed with the Wroclaw opera house, and a huge selection of historic architecture to discover, including a 10th century cathedral and the 13th century market square. A huge list of museums, several shopping malls, sports, and a lively, famous nightclub scene ensure that your life in Wroclaw will never be dull. Wroclaw's economy is characterized by several large, international companies based in the city. In particular, Wroclaw is home to a number of hi-tech companies based in the Wroclaw technology park. In general, major industries include the manufacturing, chemicals, and electronics sectors. The pharmaceutical industry is also a major part of Wroclaw's economy, while the largest food service company in Poland also provides significant employment.

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InterNations is a great source of information, but you can also use your account to meet fellow expats in person. InterNations Official Events are regular opportunities for our members to meet, network, and have fun together with fellow global travelers hailing from all over the world. When you're ready to reach out and meet with those who share your interests, look at our InterNations Groups for ideas — galleries trips, concerts visits, and hiking excursions are some of the activities our groups join. With our invaluable resources online and plenty of social opportunities offline, InterNations is the perfect place to start building your new life in Wroclaw.

  • Ivan Dlouhy

    Since moving to Warsaw, I have been able to make some great friends and attend InterNations events with other expats who understand what it's like to be so far from home.

  • Raquel Santos

    During my first month in Warsaw, I attended an InterNations event and immediately felt as if I had acquired a great network of expats contacts and new friends.

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