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Moving to Yengon (Yangon)

Hi .. I am possibly getting an opportunity to relocate to yengen,Myanmaar... Coming from India mad having travelled to multiple locations .. To decide to move on to Myanmar, I have been researching online to understand he + and - s.... So far after reviewing following are my questions and would love to hear direct experiences of expats living there
1. How safe is this place
2 is there a real issue on Internet, power and mobile?
3 what r the English teaching international schools present, what is the quality of education
4 out of 5 rating , 5 being highest, what will be the rating to expect by an expat moving there?
5 what's the monthly expense in USd for a family of 3 living there including rent and excluding rent?

I will be very happy for expats who are living there who could help me in making a key decision in my life to want to move from India and relocate to Myanmaar

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