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Kundalini Yoga in English in Unterägeri (ZG) (Zug)


Hi, I'm pleased to announce that I've started to teach Kundalini Yoga in English now every Monday evening at 7pm in Unterägeri. Look into webside of Atelier zum Sein, Zugerstrasse 25.
If you want your body to feel better, your glandular and nervous system to work well again...pop in. Kundalini Yoga is for everybody, you don' t need to be a sporty or energetic person. You only need to want to feel better and do a bit for it.
Private lessons are also possible or any other suggestions for teaching, I'm quite interested in starting business yoga, i. e. coming into companies during the lunch break and giving distress yoga lessons.
Currently I run on donation basis.
If you have any questions about Kundalini Yoga or myself, I will gladly answer them.

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