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Job situation Ukrain Switzerland (Zurich)


my name is Ivana, i am from Kiev. currently i am staying with my boyfriend in Zurich.

as you might know the situation in ukraine turns worse and now after 3 years of distance relationship i would dearly like to move here. i know about the hard regulations of work rules for non EU/EFTA people but i want to know what chances i have?

my skillset is nothing special really, i have a psychology degree of МАУП university of Odessa and have worked as restaurant manger in Kiev.

so i dont consider myself as an expert or highly skilled sepcialist in IT or what have you, but i think that my biggest asset is my Russian language skills. i had a look around on the common job pages and found a few entries that particularly seeked russian mother tongue of language level. yet i am not able to apply as i am here on tourist visa. so really any advice or hint is of help: how did you manage to get a job?
what companies hire russian speaking people, what industries i should look in?

further throughout my stay i would like to meet fellow people from Ukraine or Russia, for a coffee morning, exchange, chit-chat...anything to exchange ideas, stories and so on, just to build a little network.

it wpould be soooo nice if i would hear from anyone, just reply here or send me a PM?

thank you so much for your answers in advance!

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