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What's a 'good' salary in Zurich?

Hi All. I've got an offer through for a job in Zurich for which I'd need to relocate from Poland. I'm really excited about this but wanted to check with people (expats) who've lived here for a while if the offer is any good. I don't know anyone in Zurich and I am being told that considering the average total compensation the offer is supposed to be pretty decent. I'd like to verify this. It's a role in IT (digital management) and the co are offering 130k CHF p.a., on top of which they will be covering the compulsory health insurance for me, my wife and my 4yo son (each worth 4k p.a., which I'm guessing is pretty standard?). The question is, is this a 'good' salary and what kind of life would it buy for me and my little family (in an unlikely event of my wife not being able to find a job and me being the sole earner). All opinions welcome. Thanks.

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