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Need your advice on finding work from outside UAE (Abu Dhabi)

Hi all,

I posted on the Dubai forum and thought I would do the same here in Abu Dhabi. I am a Canadian citizen currently living and working (in IT) in Toronto, Canada with Canadian education and work experience.

I have been trying for quite a long time to get an opportunity to work in the UAE but have had no success. Applications from outside UAE dont seem to work, regardless of my qualifications and CV relevance. I have been on many internet job boards, post my CV, contacted recruiters, who don't even acknowledge my email. I feel my efforts are futile.

I've heard mixed things from people I have encountered, and from what others tell of their friends' success - some who have applied from outside UAE, others who have had to go there for a couple of months and apply.

For those members who live and work in the UAE currently, can you enlighten me on how you got your jobs - was it though a friend who lives there? was it by contacting recuiters? did you apply from outside UAE or did you take that expensive risk and live there for a while in a hotel or rented apartment and apply like mad till you got something?

Any advice you can give me which will help me in my search for employment would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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