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Question regarding job offer (Abu Dhabi)

Dear All,

I have recently enrolled into a recruitment program of Shell in Abu Dhabi. I went, registered on their website, I did most of the process, but at one point they were asking too much personal questions (I believe one of them was to send my passport copy, I am not sure.). I can't remember exactly why, but I left it in half and said ok, it is a NO. Surprisingly about 2 weeks later I received an email that I was shortlisted, but my registration is incomplete. I sent them the requested details, saying OK, what may happen. Now they sent me back a document titled as "Official Soft Copy Appointment Contract" offering me my previous title at my previous company, very good salary and so on. Pretty much of a good offer to be very honest...

2 things worry me (actually 3)

- No skype interview or any type of personal contact was made, not even a phone call.
- The document with the stamp and the signatures really look photoshopped (plus I have never seen any managers giving out a signed document of their hands online, first always you sign).
- The email came from a gmail address, not from an official Shell account.
- Although the contract mentions a title, but the email states that my designation will be decided after arrival, and i have to pay for my visa which they will reimburse after my coming to Abu Dhabi.

Honestly, I am afraid to pay any money for the visa without making sure the offer is real.

Please advise.

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