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Seeking employment information (Abu Dhabi)

My wife and I have been discussing moving to Abu Dhabi from the U.S. My wife is interested in working at the schools and I want to find out what type of opportunities there would be available for me.

I have an MBA 4.0/4.0 GPA
Experience Protected content as President of a construction company 25 mil.. revenue
3 years as a business consultant - during that time I worked for Dr.pepper/snapple group (large beverage company) on a 7 month contract.
I am currently a consultant for small businesses with revenues between 2 and 50 million.
I do anywhere from Protected content engagements per year on topics related to my target business market.

I am looking to find work in a management role. I am curious as to the opportunities available to someone with my skills. My minimum monthly compensation would be 6,000.

Thank you for your time.

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